Intraocular Lens Exchange in London

Recover your vision with intraocular lens exchange performed by trusted London ophthalmic surgeon Sharmina Khan.

Intraocular lens exchange is occasionally required by some patients of lens exchange or cataract surgery when the implanted lens detaches from its centred position in the eye. This older lens is replaced with a new intraocular implant, returning eyesight to its original post-operation clarity. If after consultation it is determined that this is the right procedure for you, Sharmina Khan will lead you through each step of the process, ensuring a stress-free path to restored vision.

Intraocular Lens Exchange is just like normal lens surgery, but instead of replacing the eye’s natural lens, a synthetic implant is replaced with a new implant. This is occasionally needed after lens or cataract surgery if the intraocular lens dislocates from its position, but is very rare. The exchange is conducted using standard or laser-assisted surgery and can significantly improve visual clarity.

Intraocular Lens Exchange is not an easy procedure but, performed by a specialist with experience of the surgery, it dramatically improves quality of life. As with any operation, there can be complications, which may need to be addressed by further surgery/treatment. Sharmina Khan will discuss in detail the risks involved in your particular situation.

Intraocular lenses are synthetic replicas of an eye’s natural lens. They work by refracting the light rays that enter the eye, allowing you to see clearly. Intraocular lenses are available in many different prescriptions and focusing powers, and they can also correct conditions like astigmatism.
Should the level of vision you achieve post-cataract or lens surgery not meet your expectations, or if there is another issue like structural weakening in the eye, the implanted lens can be replaced. Intraocular lens exchange is only required by around 2.5 per 10,000 patients, however, as cataract and lens surgery are generally free from complications.

Regain Visual Clarity after Cataract and Lens Surgery with a Highly Skilled Ophthalmic Specialist

Don’t let your vision slip away after surgery. The Sharmina Khan Eye Clinic can help address any post-operative complications that occur and restore your eyesight. With years of experience conducting cataract, lens exchange surgery and leading clinical audits in surgery outcomes, Sharmina specialises in reducing complications and ensuring exceptional patient care.