Premium Blepharitis & Dry Eye Treatments in London

Boost your quality of life by managing dry eye and blepharitis with eye specialist Sharmina Khan.

Dry eye and blepharitis are uncomfortable conditions that can severely impact on your daily life and even affect vision. They are often caused by a lack of eye hygiene and blockages in the gland that produces the lipid element of tears – crucial in order to keep the eye surface lubricated.

With careful management of the symptoms and specialist treatment, this painful issue can be easily resolved. Sharmina Khan is an expert in treating dry eye and blepharitis, guiding numerous patients towards greater eye health and comfort.

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Treatment for Dry Eye & Blepharitis London

Relieve irritated eyes with Sharmina Khan’s comprehensive treatment for dry eye and blepharitis.

With a combination of in-clinic treatment and at-home management, dry and blepharitis can be thoroughly alleviated. After scanning the tear glands with imaging software Lipiscan, Sharmina Khan will formulate the best treatment plan for your individual requirements encompassing cleansing, heat and hydration.

Using a specialist vector thermal pulsation technology called Lipiflow to unblock the glands, lid margin exfoliation and Sharmina Khan’s rationalised regime of eye drops, most of the symptoms can be significantly reduced. Don’t suffer with sore, itchy eyes any longer!

  • Watery, gritty eyes
  • Dandruff around the lashes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Fluctuations in vision
  • Inflammation
  • Contact lens discomfort
  • Difficulty opening your eyes in the morning

Poor eyelid hygiene and blocked tear glands are usually the cause of dry eye and blepharitis. The tear film is made up of three layers: the mucus, aqueous and lipid layer. The lipid layer is produced by meibomian glands found among the lid margin which can often become blocked. This means the lipid layer is reduced and cannot prevent the aqueous layer from evaporating, causing the eyes to dry out and become itchy and sore.

Blepharitis symptoms can be worsened by certain behaviour and lifestyle traits. If you suffer from dry eye or blepharitis, it is a good idea to consider doing the following:

  • Reduce prolonged contact lens wear
  • Reduce screen-time
  • Avoid low-humidity environments if possible
  • Eat a diet rich in omega-3 and vitamin D

Blepharitis is an irritating and unsightly condition that, at worst, can obscure vision and this is typically reversible. It should not do any lasting damage to eyesight, unless complicated by corneal changes. If you are seeking eye surgery, it is important to treat your blepharitis first to reduce the risk of slowing recovery time from surgery and rarely vision loss.

Soothe and Relieve Dry, Itchy Eyes and Blepharitis with London Eye Specialist Sharmina Khan

Not only do dry eye and blepharitis feel uncomfortable, but studies have also shown they significantly reduce quality of life and can even affect a patient’s mental health. Sharmina Khan is committed to providing exceptional patient care and ensuring a stress-free treatment that delivers outstanding results.

In no time at all, you can leave sore, itchy eyes behind, and get back to living your life!